Locations & Markets We Serve

Sturgeon Electric provides commercial and industrial (through the C&I division) electrical construction services to customers throughout Arizona and Colorado, and transmission and distribution (through the T&D division) electrical construction services to customers throughout the western United States.  Sturgeon Electric serves customers in the following markets:


Aerospace                    Manufacturing
Aviation                        Mining
Commercial                 Oil & Gas
Data Centers               Renewable Energy
Government                Telecommunications/Low Voltage Transportation
Healthcare                   Transportation
Hospitality                   Water/Wastewater


Electric Power
Oil and Gas
Renewable Energy

Our Office Locations

Sturgeon Electric operates from offices located throughout Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington allowing us to combine local management controls and regional and nationwide resources to provide clients with the stability, quality and responsiveness required to successfully execute projects of all scopes and sizes.

Sturgeon Electric Headquarters 
Henderson, CO (T&D, C&I)

Anchorage, AK (T&D, C&I)

Fairbanks, AK (T&D)

Phoenix, AZ (T&D, C&I)

Tucson, AZ (C&I)

Colorado Springs, CO (C&I)

Denver, CO (Transportation)

Grand Junction, CO (C&I)

Loveland, CO (C&I)

Topeka, KS (T&D)

Las Vegas, NV (C&I)

Troutdale, OR (T&D)

Salt Lake City, UT (T&D)

Auburn, WA (C&I)

Sturgeon Electric California, LLC
Chino, CA (T&D, Transportation)