Sturgeon Traffic Employees Recognized for Excellence by City of Boulder, CO

September 18, 2015

Four Sturgeon Electric Traffic Division employees were recently recognized for exemplary job performance at a Project Manager Appreciation Dinner and Awards Ceremony, hosted by the City of Boulder, CO in late August.

Brian Bender, Abraham Martin, Justin Brown and Chris Wilson comprised the crew that recently performed work on the Boulder Junction/Depot Village projects.

Boulder Junction/Depot Village is a 160-acre, transit-oriented (TOD) redevelopment project that will maximize public investment in multimodal transportation, infrastructure improvements and affordable housing.

Trent Fallica, Lead Traffic Signal Technician for the City of Boulder, and Joe Paulson, Signals and Lighting Engineer for the City of Boulder, both described that the complexity of the lighting design that spanned across these projects was exceptional. They added, “We cannot say enough about this crew’s willingness to take on the challenges of coordinating and working with prime contractors – at times through great difficulties. On several occasions, this crew completed work for our staff that was beyond their scope and regularly exceeded our expectations.”

The Sturgeon Electric crew continued to be the “go to” subcontractor for the City of Boulder’s project management staff through the duration of these projects. Trent and Joe also mentioned, “Their dedication to assigned tasks, attention to detail, ability to understand direction, thoroughness, and can-do attitude have been indispensable to our department. The environment this team has helped to create has given our department the ability to perform more of our own tasks and assignments, and therefore be more productive. These individuals have consistently demonstrated that they can work with anyone. We consider the Sturgeon Electric crew to be a true extension of our department.”

MYR Group and Sturgeon Electric would like to commend Brian, Abraham, Justin and Chris for their abilities to go above and beyond the call of duty for our clients, and further promote our reputation as the contractor of choice.

Congratulations, Gentlemen!

L to R:  Brian Bender, Abraham Martin, Justin Brown and Chris Wilson

L to R: Brian Bender, Abraham Martin, Justin Brown and Chris Wilson