Utah State Penitentiary Distribution

Utah State Penitentiary

Client Confidential
Completion Date 2021
Location Utah

Sturgeon Electric completed this fast-track project to add 8 MW of capacity to support the new Utah State penitentiary site. There was three pieces to the job: transmission, substation, and distribution.

The transmission scope included constructing a total of approximately eight miles of transmission line, including a section of new single-circuit 138kV, rebuilding an existing 46kV line to a double-circuit 138/46kV line, removing an existing 46kV line, and constructing a new double-circuit 138kV line. The poles were a combination of direct embed wood (97 qty), and steel poles on 47 vibratory caissons. Mats were required on nearly four miles of wetland to mitigate ground conditions.

The substation scope included below-grade construction of ground grid, cable trench, conduit, and foundations; above-grade construction included installation of a 138kV Circuit Breaker, 6 CCVT’s, 2 GOAB switches, setting all the structural steel, installing rigid and wire bus, and building out the control house. The new substation site will also support two transformers and two metal clad substations in the future.

The distribution scope included installing new 12kV distribution underbuild on the new double-circuit transmission line, constructing a temporary shoo-fly during transmission line construction, and wrecking out the existing distribution line.