NorthWest Alliance Distribution

Northwest Alliance

Client Confidential
Completion Date Ongoing since 1995
Location Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho

Sturgeon Electric has maintained an alliance contract for more than 26 years with the local major utility to provide a variety of distribution, substation, and transmission services. Projects under this contract include providing crews on a time-and-equipment basis throughout Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho.

Under the Line Services Agreement, we also have been awarded numerous underground and overhead distribution projects throughout PacifiCorp territory, including hendrix cable, helicopter only accessible, with the majority of rebuilds performed in energized conditions. Among our most recent work:

  • Pinedale Avian Bundle, which involved installing a bird guard on or reframing 770 poles to make them safe for raptors.
  • U.S. Air Force Clive Extension, which added 158 new poles and eight 8 miles of conductor.
  • Randolph 11 Reconductor, which involved installing 60 new poles and building five miles of conductor.