Keeler Integrated Project Substation

Keeler Integrated Projects

Client Bonneville Power Authority
Completion Date 2019
Location Oregon

Sturgeon Electric expanded the Keeler Integrated Substation to help the Bonneville Power Authority provide more reliable energy to the region. For the project, our crew:

  • Installed the 500kV and 230kV bus work around the new XFMR2, the grounding and control cable for XFMR 2, and an AC panel.
  • Added a 500kV duct bank system, new 500kV trench entrance, 230kV Bay 8 breaker, switches, bus work, DE extension, new DE, conduit, grounding, and control cable.
  • Added a 115/230kV duct bank system.
  • Modified the cable tunnel and control house basement, XFMR 2 relaying, Bay 10 BFR, and control panels.
  • Installed a new SER/SCADA system and additional Ethernet connections for shark meters and replaced the analog board meters.