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Project Detail

Hurricane Harvey 2017






Location: Texas

Description: Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Aug 25th near Rockport, Texas as a Category 4 Hurricane with winds of 130 mph. The resulting tropical storm meandered in the region for several days, dropping a record 40-52 inches of rainfall making it difficult to work in the flooded regions where storm surge water was still in place. Line workers from Sturgeon Electric were released to respond to the damage in Texas and southwest Louisiana. Crews rented small boats and canoes to cross storm water to get to designated work locations and were focused on restoring the public’s power as quickly and safely as possible.

Date: August 2017

Clients: Release by Westar Energy through the Midwest Mutual Assistance Process; working for CenterPoint Energy

More: MYR Group, Inc. subsidiaries respond to 2017 Storm Restoration