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Project Detail

Colorado Remote Tower Project







Location: Loveland, Colorado


Sturgeon Electric Company, Inc. (Sturgeon Electric) partnered with Searidge Technologies, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, and the Colorado Division of Aeronautics to construct the Colorado Remote Tower Project at the Northern Colorado Regional Airport in Loveland, Colorado. The technology behind the project has been implemented internationally but is one of few pioneer projects in the United States.

This high-tech approach to air traffic control was developed to make our skies safer and operate more efficiently. For example, it provides better management of operator risk and more positive control of air traffic. It allows the airport to safely accommodate forecasted growth of aviation demands and creates a more efficient operating platform compared to a traditional air traffic control tower facility. It also facilitates future commercial air service and potentially increases visitors traveling to nearby communities.

Sturgeon Electric served as the project’s prime electrical contractor and provided infrastructure installation, cabling, and power for three runway masts. Mounted on each mast is a sophisticated camera system which includes radar equipment and antennas that provide air traffic controllers a full view of the airfield. The biggest challenge was retrofitting the existing building to accommodate the new equipment and technology necessary for the new systems proper operation.

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Completion Date: 2018

Work Performed By: Sturgeon Electric Company, Inc., Searidge Technologies, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Air Traffic Controllers Association and the Colorado Division of Aeronautics

Client: Northern Colorado Regional Airport