Akhiok Village Rural Power System Upgrade Commercial & Industrial

Akhiok Village Rural Power System Upgrade

Client Alaska Energy Authority (AEA)
Completion Date 2020
Location Alaska

Sturgeon Electric provided comprehensive electrical construction services for the Akhiok Rural Power System Upgrade, which replaced an existing power system that has served the village since the 1980s. A September 2017 outage proved the system was in desperate need of replacement.

Sturgeon Electric crews installed a new powerhouse module at a new location to replace the old power system and upgraded and replaced the distribution system.

Our team provided all labor, material, equipment, and tools to install site building equipment power, branch power, lighting, pole bases, conduit, cabling, termination, grounding, lightning protection, programmable logic controller (PLC) instrumentation, fire alarm systems, and a standby generator. They also handled all submittals, permits, quality control efforts, testing, adjustments, and calibration.