Communications/Low Voltage

Sturgeon Electric offers a complete range of communications design and construction services for inside and outside plant copper, fiber and coaxial communications network infrastructure systems.

Inside Plant or “In-Building” Services

Sturgeon Electric is a full-service provider for the design and installation of the following special systems:

  • Voice/Data/Video Structured Cabling Systems
  • Wi-Fi Systems
  • CATV Systems
  • CCTV/Video Surveillance Systems
  • Healthcare Communications Systems
  • Public Announcement (P.A.) Systems
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Security Systems/Intrusion Detection/Video Surveillance Systems/Access Control
  • Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) Systems
  • Data Centers: DCIM, Hot and Cold Isle Containment Systems
  • Phone Systems VOIP
  • Audio Video
  • Fire Alarm Systems

Outside Plant or “Long Haul” Services

  • Underground long haul copper and fiber optic cable installations
  • Overhead long haul copper and fiber optic cable installations

Infrared Imaging

Sturgeon Electric’s infrared imaging service utilizes Fluke Thermal Imagers to measure infrared “hot spots” that contain objects with temperatures that fall at absolute zero or below (-459.67®F).  Objects such as these produce heat radiated footprints that are invisible to the human eye.  This ability provides the latest in preventative maintenance diagnosis.  Sturgeon Electric’s licensed electricians are trained and certified Level I andII thermographers by Flirs Infrared Training Center (ITC).