Pre-Fabrication Department

Sturgeon Electric has an on-site prefabrication department located at its headquarters in Henderson, CO, that allows the building of assemblies in a controlled, safe environment with adequate lighting and supervison.  These pre-fabricated assemblies are shipped directly to the job site, which has significantly increased our levels of safety, quality and productivity, allowing us to succeed.

Power Whip Cables

Sturgeon Electric manufactures power whips in six conduit colors, with other options that include single or multiple circuits, plug-in or bolt-on breakers and custom labeling.  The seal-tight is cut to a specific length, wire is pulled in, terminated, tested and verified by a third-party.   Sturgeon Electric Company’s power whips meet the strict quality requirements for UL Standards and Certification.  They are manufactured by licensed electricians with UL listed components and are listed as Data Processing Equipment.  Power whips save time, labor, reduce project costs and minimize debris in data centers.

Twist Lock Testers

Sturgeon Electric also developed and manufactures twist lock testers that save significant amounts of time for field personnel when testing voltage in twist lock outlets versus traditional testing methods such as meter lead testing. The twist lock testers simply plug directly into the twist lock outlet and provide three simultaneous readings that verify voltage.